Event Planner Jana Tobey Launches KissToCake For à La Carte Services

The Tobey Events founder brings new rules of engagement to the world of event planning.

BY September 21, 2023
Jana Tobey of KissToCake and Tobey Events in SW FL
The planner specializes in whimsical events for conscientious hosts. She works with floral designers to donate arrangements post-party and prioritizes eco-friendly materials. (Photo by Anna Nguyen)

So, you have a vision in mind, you’re mighty handy, and no one can devise a schedule better than you. You’ve decided to plan your own wedding, but a little help would be nice.

Enter: KissToCake. Founded by Jana Tobey of the successful, Southwest Florida-based Tobey Events, KissToCake launched this year as an auxiliary wedding day management service with à la carte add-ons. “We get to lift the stress off everyone so that they can focus on being fully present for those moments,” Jana says.

The standard package gets you a planner to run the rehearsal, create the event timeline, coordinate with vendors and be onsite for at least eight hours to ensure everything runs without a hitch. You can add other services like design consultation; access to a list of vetted florists, caterers and photographers; and membership to an online portal with proprietary checklists and tools to manage budgets, schedules, and all the other ins and outs in one place.

Jana created KissToCake with budget-conscious couples in mind. Growing up in a military household, the planner moved around a lot and the family often had to pinch pennies. “When my dad was on active duty, it meant living on a budget. I vividly recall my mom sitting at the kitchen table on Sundays, clipping coupons for our grocery runs,” she says.

The service allows couples to get targeted help only around the things they need most. “Every bride and groom deserves to have the wedding of their dreams, but we understand our full planning and design services may not be feasible for everyone.”

Couples with infinite budgets can also appreciate the hands-on, à la carte approach. Perhaps you want to have coordinators direct guests and manage vendors or get Jana’s team to keep the event on schedule. But those looking for an all-access bridal fairy can turn to Jana’s full planning and design company.

After 14 years of planning corporate events, Jana broke into the business of the betrothed by accident, when she happened to meet a frazzled bride in 2020. “Her venue had shut down due to unforeseen construction, and she needed to move everything—in three weeks,” Jana recalls. “I helped redesign and relocate the event, coordinated with all of the vendors, set up, worked it and broke it all down.” After the flawless reception, the bride called her a hero. Jana printed up ‘Wedding Hero’ business cards as soon as she got home. She rebranded to Tobey Events this past year.

Through her company, Jana also provides responsible guidance. “I strongly believe that everything should have multiple uses,” she says, adding that she’ll work with floral designers to donate arrangements to nonprofits and hospices after the events. Jana partners with similarly-minded vendors, like Savoir Event Rentals. “For outdoor weddings, we use biodegradable materials that won’t harm wildlife,” she says. And, all designs include cleanup programs. “For beach receptions, we turn to fully recyclable and sustainable one-time-use pieces made from bamboo or other eco-friendly materials so we can avoid the 500-year lifespan of plastic utensils in landfills,” Jana adds.

In the end, her goal is to amplify the beauty of the day. “Weddings are one of the most iconic moments in life, and I get to ensure that they are filled with magic,” she says.

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