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Men & Women of the Year 2023 Announced

BY October 6, 2023

Gulfshore Life, the leading lifestyle publication in Southwest Florida, is thrilled to announce its silver anniversary celebration of the prestigious Men & Women of the Year awards on the evening of Thursday, November 16, at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples.

The event honors extraordinary individuals whose tireless dedication and exemplary leadership profoundly impact Southwest Florida. The stellar recipients for our 2023 Men & Women of the Year include philanthropists, mental health advocates, a visionary restaurateur, influential business leaders, dynamic entrepreneurs and dedicated nonprofit leaders. Each of these honorees significantly contribute to Southwest Florida’s enrichment and future.

Gulfshore Life‘s 2023 Men & Women of the Year Honorees:

  • Patty and Jay Baker: Renowned philanthropists dedicated to supporting the arts, education and healthcare    
  • Alise Bartley: Stalwart advocate for mental health care and awareness
  • Claribel Bocanegra: Champion for girls’ mental health and personal development
  • Richard D’Amico: Visionary restaurateur known for culinary innovation and community involvement
  • John DeAngelis: Influential business leader dedicated to corporate responsibility and sustainability    
  • Jay Hartington: Efficacious business owner known for entrepreneurial spirit and community engagement
  • Richard LeBer: Nonprofit leader recognized for his tireless efforts to end hunger in Southwest Florida
  • Steffanie Pearce: Arts visionary known for bringing opera to Southwest Florida and ensuring equitable access to the art
  • Michael Wynn: Life-long entrepreneur impacting our community through generations    

“These remarkable individuals embody the spirit of innovation, philanthropy and leadership that Gulfshore Life cherishes,” says Jim Schwartzel, president and publisher of Gulfshore Life. “Their outstanding contributions over the years have shaped our community, and it is our privilege to honor them at our 25th annual Men & Women of the Year awards.”

Join us for an evening of elegance and recognition as we celebrate these incredible individuals and acknowledge the past 25 years of award recipients. The grand event takes place on Thursday, November 16, at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples. Guests will be treated to an unforgettable experience of inspiration and camaraderie, with esteemed WINK News anchor Lois Thome, a Gulfshore Life 2002 Woman of the Year, hosting the evening’s proceedings.

For more information about the Men & Women of the Year awards and to secure your tickets and sponsorships for this landmark event, please visit or reach out to Rachel Galante at

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