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Le Lafayette owners open new Paris Bistro

BY December 27, 2011

Paris Bistro and Bakery offers delicious French cuisine and bistro comfort at bistro-friendly prices in a welcoming setting. Brothers David and Phil DiGrazia with Astrid Maillard, co-owner of Naples’ Le Lafayette Restaurant, opened the Bistro about a month ago.  It’s already popular with Le Lafayette’s regulars, and has been discovered by curious drivers on Tamiami Trail North. Located at the prior site of Amador’s  Bistro Italiano, the trio has wisely kept Amador’s upscale décor and added unique accents with an antique scale and paintings.


Le Lafayette chef/co-owner Sebastian Maillard is currently the main chef, alternating with other Le Lafayette chefs. A baker as well, Maillard added the bakery and a long, open case displaying a luscious variety of fruit tarts, quiches, light pastries and French cheeses.



It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you could take all day to peruse the menus. Breakfasts range from $4.80 to under $9 for ham and cheese or salmon cream cheese croissants. Build your own omelets and the favorite Paris breakfast combo. The fresh ground coffee is a must-have.  Lunch’s croque monsieur/madame, brie sandwich and ultimate steak burger with melted goat or blue cheese are popular. Dinner is easy on the wallet—with prices range up to mid $20’s. Try onion soup, sea bass with citrus marinade, salmon with beurre blanc, and popular roasted pork chop with Dijon mustard crust. My favorite is the cheese raclette for two or more ($26.50 per person).


This is a dish to share as you select from ham, salami, prosciutto, tomatoes, potatoes and cheese, then heat your choice in a special coupelle on the tabletop heater. With a nice chardonnay this is perfect for leisurely dining and conversation.  Savor dessert from a variety of sweet crepes, fresh pastries and cakes.

Paris Bistro and Bakery, 2500 Tamiami Trail North, #114, Naples, 455-4585,
Le Lafayette, 375 13th Avenue South, Naples, 403-7861,

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