Inside the Mind… of Christian Busk

A sneak peek at a feature from our upcoming May issue.

BY April 17, 2014

We’re fascinated with the creative process and, over time in Gulfshore Life, have gone inside the minds of theater directors, photographers, actors, poets, orchestra conductors and more to find out what they were thinking. Coming up in our May issue, we’ve zeroed in on landscape artist W. Christian Busk for his insights on how he produces such beauty, often under challenging circumstances.

He tells writer Jennifer Reed of creating regal fountains, ambling walkways, golf course-perfect lawns, and buzz-worthy furniture arrangements while working with towering homes on undersized lots. “People,” he says, “want Versailles on a postage stamp.”

And then there’s the matter of driveways. Says Busk: “Over half of somebody’s site is the driveway. They are just nasty, discolored fading, mildew-covered blocks of concrete material all over the place. And it doesn’t have to be like that. It doesn’t enhance the architecture and it doesn’t create a framework for what you are looking at.”

His solution? About 15 years ago, he pioneered “green driveways”—made of pavers laid out in such a way  that grass grows between them in well-defined patterns. Now driveways that dominate front yards can transcend bland and look like well-sculptured gardens.

For more about how he crafts landscapes that seem as if they came right out of paintings, see our story in the May issue.

Busk also took the green concept to the back patio.


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