Feel Good

Feel Good Report: Get a New Workout with Interval Training

Is it better, easier or both?

BY June 11, 2015


Does the thought of your workout make you want to avoid the gym? Maybe you need to reorganize your routine.

Try interval training. It's the concept of alternating high-intensity and low-intensity segments of your workout. So, instead of just walking, try working in minute-long bursts of jogging at regular intervals. Research is showing that it may even be more beneficial than workouts of the same intensity level.

The best part is that interval training may actually feel easier. A new study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise reported that a group of participants said that a longer interval-training workout didn't feel as hard as a shorter workout of continuous exercise. The catch: Both workouts contained the same level of high-intensity exercise.

So, it's really not easier. Just keep telling yourself that it is.


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