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Feel Good Report: Study Says Half of All Heart Disease Deaths Could Be Prevented

Emory University researchers identify non-genetic risk factors.

BY July 2, 2015


About 610,000 Americans die each year due to heart disease. But a new study says nearly half those deaths are from preventable causes.

Researchers at Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health recently published a report saying that non-genetic risk factors, such as elevated cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and smoking, still contribute to 50 percent of cardiovascular disease deaths.

Of course, eliminating all those factors from everyone’s life is going to be difficult. Realistically, researchers say that a 10 percent decrease in heart disease deaths is achievable if more states took proactive measures to reduce risk factors, such as discouraging smoking.

The American Heart Association makes several recommendations about how to prevent heart disease, including planning a healthy diet and workout routine. For details, click here


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