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Feel Good Report: MoodTrek App Helps Users Manage Their Depression

BY August 20, 2015



The concept behind Fitbits, Jawbones and other wearable devices has reached the world of mental health.

A University of Missouri professor has developed an app that will allow people with depression to track their mood swings in the hopes it will help with their treatment. MoodTrek allows users to rate their moods on a scale of 1 to 5, allowing for more accurate information they can report to their therapist. 

“Some patients keep a mood diary during their treatment, which can be helpful in assessing their well-being,” said Dr. Ganesh Gopalakrishna, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the MU School of Medicine, in a press release. “People tend to forget what their moods were like just a few days ago, but through this app, I can now see that data and can use it to provide the best care possible.”

The app also connects with a Fitbit to collect sleep and exercise data, which can also be useful in their treatment. Users can also jot notes within the app about their mood.

MoodTrek is free for Android devices. Researchers plan to make it available on Apple devices soon. 


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