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Feel Good Report: Expert Says We Should All Sleep In

10-5 workday, anyone?

BY September 10, 2015


Here’s a good excuse next time you show up late to work: One of the world’s sleep experts says it’s better to sleep in.

Dr. Paul Kelley of Oxford University’s Sleep and Circadian Institute said recently at the British Science Festival that workers shouldn’t start the day until at least 10 a.m. The reason: The circadian rhythm of the body largely determines our periods of sleepiness and wakefulness throughout the day. Shifting from a 9-5 day to a 10-6 day (and school start times to later in the day, as well) would sync better with our natural rhythms, Kelley says. 

“We've got a sleep-deprived society,” he was quoted as saying.

As we age, we don’t need as much sleep, experts say. So, a 9 a.m. work start time actually makes sense for those 55 and older, Kelley says. No matter how old you are, keeping a steady sleep schedule is important. Waking up or falling asleep at different times can throw your biological timing off. The Harvard Health Letter recommends several ways to stay on track. 


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