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Feel Good Report: Fidgeting—The Hot New Workout

... or so says a new study.

BY October 1, 2015


Maybe instead of whistling, try fidgeting while you work.

A new study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine says fidgeting at your desk can help combat the ill effects of too much sitting.

The concept that bouncing your leg around at your desk is anything other than slightly less annoying than whistling all day long may seem a bit far-fetched. But the researchers concluded that, among their 12,000 participants, “an increased risk of mortality from sitting for long periods was only found in those who consider themselves very occasional fidgeters.” On the contrary, the authors did note that fidgeting could disrupt one’s concentration or create other issues related to how well you (or your officemates) do your work.

If fidgeting isn’t for you, keep in mind that being desk-bound all day can come back to haunt you


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