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Feel Good Report: How a Bad Night’s Sleep Is Similar to a Poor Diet

BY December 10, 2015

Studies have documented just how a good night’s sleep can do a body well. New research shows just how bad a rough night can be.

Researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center did a study showing that, potentially, one night of sleep deprivation had a similar effect as six months of unhealthy eating. (Yes, the participants were dogs, but the study suggests a similarity in humans, so bear with us.)

The researchers looked at insulin levels between a group that was sleep-deprived and a group that was fed a high-fat diet. The one-night loss of sleep lowered insulin sensitivity by 33 percent; the months of high-fat eating lowered insulin sensitivity 21 percent. (It’s low insulin sensitivity that causes your body to become susceptible to diabetes.)

“This research demonstrates the importance of adequate sleep in maintaining blood sugar levels and reducing risk for metabolic diseases like obesity and diabetes,” said lead researcher Dr. Josiane Broussard.

Hopefully, those all-night study binges are well behind you. 


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