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Lose Weight by Listening to Yourself

Study: “The Crunch Effect” makes you more conscious of eating.

BY April 14, 2016


Want to lose weight? Avoid distracted eating.

A new study from Brigham Young University and Colorado State University proposed something called “The Crunch Effect.” The idea is that listening to yourself crunching or chomping away will make you more aware that you’re eating and, therefore, more likely to stop.

Turns out, there was some merit to the theory. Researchers gave study participants a bowl of pretzels and encouraged them to chow down. Those who could hear their own crunching ate about 45 percent less than those who were distracted from their snacking. Basically, when you’re not paying attention, you’re losing track of how much you’re eating.

Eating in silence doesn’t sound too enticing. However, researchers suggest limiting distractions at most or being extra mindful when you’re chowing down on fries at a sports bar.


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