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Why We Regain Weight

Explaining why sticking to a diet is so hard

BY May 17, 2016

In recent weeks, renewed attention has been drawn to the perils of weight loss after the publication of a study that tracked the contestants of The Biggest Loser post-show.

The results weren’t encouraging—most contestants ended up gaining a lot of their weight back.

The study was emblematic of a problem most people face: They can lose the weight, but they can’t keep it off.

The Washington Post now has published a nice follow-up that details the pitfalls many of us face when trying to lose weight.

1. We crave instant gratification: As in, we want to see the pounds melt away but all at once.

2. We see weight loss as a race: We hit our ideal weight, and it feels like the race is over. In fact, it’s just started.

3. We don’t handle obstacles well: If we suddenly get busy, we see it as an excuse to pick up fast food or skip workouts.

For more, read the full story here.


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