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The Problem with Tendorized Meat

New labels warn of potential health hazards

BY May 26, 2016


Next time you pick up a steak at the store, you might want to read the fine print.

Starting soon, the USDA is requiring that tenderized meat be labeled. What’s wrong with a nice tender steak? The tenderization process does heighten the potential for e Coli or salmonella to thrive in your fine piece of beef.

This isn’t a new issue—just one the USDA is trying to raise awareness about. During tenderization, small needles or blades are inserted into the steak. This could push something like e Coli bacteria deeper into the meat. 

Warning labels will instruct people to cook their steak to a higher internal temperature than they normally might to make sure their next meal won’t come with a nasty surprise.


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