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Use a Stand-Up Desk for Your Health—and Productivity

New study says standing up while working may make you more productive

BY June 2, 2016


You’re probably pretty tired now of hearing about how you need to stand more often, that sitting will be the death of us all, etc. We get it. So, if you’re over hearing about the health detriments of sitting, try thinking about it from a different angle.

A new study from Texas A&M University observed that employees who stood were more productive than those who sat during the day. The researchers monitored call center employees. Everything else being equal, those at the stand-up desks ended up having about 50 percent more successful calls than their seated brethren.

The same group of researchers also conducted a study last year that observed that students pay attention more when standing compared to sitting

If you’re not on the standing bandwagon, time to get on. OK, we’ll shut up now.


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