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Be Prepared to Eat Less Salt

New FDA recommendations call for nearly a one-third cut in salt consumption.

BY June 7, 2016

New recommendations to cut the amount of salt in food could be affecting everything from Chinese food to frozen waffles.

The FDA recently released recommendations that could cut the amount of salt an average American consumes per day by about one-third—from 3,400 to 2,300 mg per day.

What does that mean for you? Well, as critics point out, it could change how many foods taste (and might also increase cost). The counter argument is that Americans already consume too much salt—which could lead to high blood pressure, among other ailments—and that it’s time to start getting used to less salty foods.

The following food groups would be hit hardest by the recommendations:



  1. Asian-style sauces
  2. Frozen breakfast foods
  3. Salads (which sounds surprising, but once you consider the processed meats, cheeses and other things layered on top.…)
  4. Bacon bits
  5. Frozen veggies within sauces and seasonings

Read more about the heavy-hit food groups here.


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