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The Best Fitness Apps

Website breaks down more than 100 apps

BY June 16, 2016


So many apps, so little time.

Technology certainly has helped us stay healthier in recent years. But in the time it takes to strap on a Fitbit, about a dozen new wellness apps have been released.

The good people at The Greatist have made it a bit easier on the rest of us to find the best apps. They looked at hundreds of health and fitness apps to come up with their best-of-the-best list of 39.

A few that stand out to us:

-Couch to 5K: This one has been praised on several sites for its step-by-step process for getting into running. 

-Zombies, Run!: Imagine you’re being chased by zombies. Great motivation to run, right?

-MyFitnessPal: One of the most popular apps there. It has a huge database of foods to help you plan your meals. 

-Ingredient1: For those of us who have food allergies, this app narrows down the grocery store for us.

-Yonder: We use websites like Yelp for suggestions about places to eat or drink. So, how about an app for recommendations about where to take a good hike or bike ride?

Get the full list of recommendations here.


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