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The Best States to Have a Baby

Delivery costs weigh down Florida.

BY August 9, 2016


Having a baby is already expensive enough. And it’s worse in some states than others.

WalletHub.com compiled a listing of the best and worst states to have a baby, looking into delivery charges, child care costs and availability, pediatricians per capita and other infant-related info.

Florida didn’t fare too well. It ranked 43rd, mostly due to the high cost of delivering a baby here. It actually ranked among the top 5 most expensive states for conventional- and cesarean-delivery charges. However, it did rank as the 11th most “baby-friendly state,” meaning we have a lot of child care facilities, support groups and businesses with favorable parental leave policies.

The top 5 states are all up north:

1. Vermont

2. Maine

3. Connecticut

4. Minnesota

5. New Hampshire


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