Feel Good

Watch This Slow-Motion Sneeze

It’s for science; trust us.

BY September 1, 2016

This is what happens when scientists have too much time on their hands—they start filming sneezes in slow motion.

We’re only kidding. When you get down to it, a slow-motion sneeze is pretty important. It will change the way you think about sneezes. (Stop giggling.)

The research group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology actually mapped sneezes. The goal: Find ways to contain the germs emitted during a sneeze. That can be tricky because sneezes are complicated matters—they move throughout the air quickly, hovering in spots for minutes or contaminating a surface (sometimes as far as 25 feet away) within split seconds.

The work is ongoing. But, in the meantime, keep this in mind: The best way to cover a sneeze is in your elbow, according to researchers.


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