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How to Get Your Fitness Mojo Back

Advice on how to get back into an exercise routine after being out of the game

BY October 4, 2016


Everyone falls out of his or her fitness routine at some point. It could be an injury. It could be a lack of time. Even the best get discouraged. Marathon runner David Leon Moore is bouncing back after surgery. In the Los Angeles Times, he gives several tips on how to get back on track when everything seems to have gone wrong:

Start slow: If you’re coming back from injury or another bout of inactivity, don’t try to get back in peak form immediately. Set easily achievable goals and slowly raise expectations.

Obey the 10 percent rule: Don’t make huge jumps in expectations. For example, don’t go from a 10-mile jog to a 20-mile jog one week to the next. Instead, raise the level by 10 percent each time.

Stretch: Do it every day. It keeps your muscles loose and gives you a reason to think about exercise on your off days.

Set reminders: Put a pair of shoes by the door. Or make notes on the calendar. Don’t give yourself excuses to forget to work out.

Read more from Moore’s column here.



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