Feel Good

Practice Mindfulness this Holiday Season

Focus on the good; forget the stress.

BY November 8, 2016


Unfortunately, this time of year isn’t full of only holiday cheer. It can be a lot of stress, too. As we get deeper into the holiday season, let us remind you to have a little fun amid all the travel, family drama and last-minute mall excursions. The best way to do that: Practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the idea that staying present in a moment can help you relive stress.

The Mayo Clinic recommends a few ways to take a second and stay centered through the day:

Pay attention. Make sure you’re actually listening to what people say.

Focus on breathing. Find a secluded spot and just breathe. Pay attention to each breath.

Awaken your senses. At your next meal, savor what you’re eating. Enjoy the meal, instead of rushing through it.

Look with fresh eyes. Take an object—any old thing—and look at it again. Notice the detail, the design, the imperfections.

Yes, this may sounds a little crazy—breathing alone then examining your car keys like a newborn—but trust us, the peace of mind is worth it.


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