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Get into Swimming in the New Year

Here’s another excuse to get in the water.

BY January 3, 2017


A little late to your New Year’s resolution? How about this: Start swimming.

Swimming laps has proven to be an excellent way to get into shape—a low-impact, total body workout that you can do at any age.

But getting into swimming can be harder than it seems, especially if you haven’t worked out in a while (chances are you’ll be huffing and puffing after a couple laps).

The Harvard Heart Letter has a few recommendations to get you into the pool again.

— Start slowly: Try just 5 to 10 minutes at first to get your coordination right.

— Get goggles: Make sure they fit well. Otherwise, you’ll have a slightly terrifying moment as your goggles slowly fill with water.

— Find the right place: An indoor pool is ideal, with marked lane lines.

— Supplement your swim: A downside to swimming is that it’s not optimal for strengthening bones. Mix in a weight-bearing exercise like light weight lifting, walking or dancing.


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