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Naples Named Cleanest City in America

Realtor.com study calls Naples nation’s least polluted community

BY February 23, 2017


Clean air, clean water and plenty of untouched nature. That’s what makes Naples the cleanest city in the country, according to a recent study.

Realtor.com judged metro areas on five criteria: greenhouse gas emissions, number of superfund sites, air quality, factory-released chemicals and water quality. Naples came out on top. Not too far behind was Ocala, which came in third. Five West Coast cities made the top 10.

Southwest Florida does have its environmental concerns, but compared to elsewhere, we’re living the good life here. One of the major reasons: protected land. Realtor.com points to swaths of untouched land in the Everglades that keep Collier County green. 

The most-polluted places actually tended to be in the industrial Northeast and Midwest, i.e. the places people escape to come to Naples (New York, Philadelphia, Chicago).

For the full list of most and least polluted, click here.



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