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Florida Is Pretty Average

At least according to U.S. News & World Report

BY March 2, 2017


Florida: The So-So State. U.S. News & World Report released its inaugural state rankings, an attempt to gauge how each of the 50 is doing on a variety of factors: health care, education, crime, infrastructure, opportunity, economy and government.

The results: Florida is pretty much middle-of-the-pack. It came in at 24. We did get high marks for our booming economy and a (relatively) efficient state government. But a low ranking in several factors, including high crime rates and a struggling education system, keep the Sunshine State behind. Health care access, in particular, sunk us. We’re next-to-last in that category due to high rates of uninsured, health care affordability and more. 

Comb through the rankings here.

By the way, Massachusetts finished first. Which is fine and great. We offer congratulations while we sip margaritas on the beach in 80-degree weather.



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