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Does Your Sunscreen Meet Its SPF Expectations?

Study says: Not always.

BY May 23, 2017


Floridians are no stranger to the regular use of sunscreen to protect skin during the hot summer months. But how often do we think about the efficiency of the lotion we so faithfully slather on?

For the last five consecutive years, a Consumer Reports study has shown that some sunscreens we use daily fail to live up to their labels. This year, out of the 60 sunscreen types tested, 23 provided less than half their SPF claim. During the study, researchers tested sunscreen based on the FDA’s protocol and checked for UVB (SPF). They then rated the sunscreens on a scale from poor to very good depending on the percentage of SPF it came within the promised coverage.

Experts say it’s important to pick a sunscreen that gives you the best coverage overall. Pick a lotion, spray or stick that provides adequate UVA and UVB protection, and make sure you’re getting all the SPF coverage promised. Finding a sunscreen labeled with the ingredient avobenzone instead of zinc oxide provides the best bet for a sunscreen with at least SPF 30.





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