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Gentle Yoga May Help with Back Pain

In fact, it may be just as good as physical therapy.

BY June 22, 2017


At one point or another, regardless of age, people experience lower back pain and it ain’t pretty. Becoming a gentle yogi may be your new solution.

A new study reveals that a yoga class designed specifically for lower back pain can be just as effective as physical therapy.

The study consisted of 320 individuals with chronic lower back pain that were divided into three groups. One took yoga for 12 weeks, another underwent physical therapy for 15 visits, and a third just read an educational book with newsletters.

The study revealed that individuals involved in the yoga class and physical therapy had about the same amount of improvement in pain.

In an article for NPR, study author Rob Saper says he is not necessarily recommending that people with lower back pain should run out to any old yoga class. Rather, it’s specific poses that could be helpful.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Put your yoga pants on and spread out your mat; it’s time to get rid of that lower back pain.



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