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I Scream, You Scream—National Ice Cream Day Is This Sunday!

Celebrating at these three spots means going beyond just a cup or a cone.

BY July 14, 2017


My best guess for the sweetest day of the year is July 16, National Ice Cream Day. Make it even sweeter by thinking outside that fudge bar box in your freezer.

Royal Scoop Homemade Ice Cream has been a Southwest Florida staple for decades. While it started in Bonita Springs, other locations are now sprinkled throughout the two counties, and two of those are hosting events that put the cherry on top of this upcoming Sunday. The Fort Myers Beach Royal Scoop teamed with Make-A-Wish Southern Florida to find three new flavors dreamed up by local “Wish” children (the kids in the nonprofits’ programs). Those will be on sale that day along with the dozens of other options, and patrons can vote on their favorite, with the winner being announced at 6:15 p.m. (it will stay on the regular menu throughout the year, with 50 percent of its sales benefitting Make-A-Wish). Additionally, 50 percent of ALL sales that day will be donated to the organization.

The Kitchen Sink Challenge

Meanwhile, the Berkshire Place Royal Scoop has got a different flavor to their take. Yes, I’m a food editor, but no, I’m not a huge proponent of heart-attack-inducing scarf-fests. However, since sundaes are one of life’s ultimate pleasures, the Kitchen Sink Challenge caught my eye. Starting on the 16th and running for the rest of the month, anyone who dares can order a 6-pound serving of 20 scoops with a rainbow of toppings both wet and dry for $49.99. If one person finishes it within an hour, it’s free, plus you get a T-shirt and picture on the Wall of Fame (and likely a social media shout-out, as the idea came together with the “Where to Eat 239” online group). My suggestion? Go with friends and tackle it together—when it comes to a banana split on steroids, the more the merrier is the most rewarding.

Last but not least, you could take a DIY route for an “adult” interpretation of the day. At The Brass Tap, the brewers and bartenders are prepared to give customers advice on how you could pair local beer with local ice cream flavors for a double whammy of ice-cold summer fun at home. (P.S. Chew on this: They also put their thinking caps on during Girl Scout Cookie season and the holidays.)


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