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Be Patient with Your Weight Loss

Aim for slow and steady and you’ll keep the pounds off.

BY August 29, 2017


Don’t be discouraged if it seems like it’s taking forever to shed unwanted pounds. It may actually be better for you in the long run.

A study in the journal Obesity looked at about 200 women participating in a weight loss program. It found that those who slowly lost weight at the beginning ended up keeping that weight off (and losing more) nearly a year later. This is compared to participants who had “roller coaster” weight loss—losing a bunch of weight, then gaining some back, then losing again, etc.

Study lead author Emily Feig told CNN: "My best recommendation for patients is to try to keep their eating pretty similar day to day. Things like planning ahead, prepping food for the week on Sunday and reducing frequency of eating at restaurants can help with this, since they reduce the chance of making impulsive decisions about what to eat.”


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