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Shopportunities: Showing Your Metal

BY September 26, 2017


What’s the best way to wear this season’s metallic trend without going full-on sci-fi?—Morgan P., Marco Island

The last few seasons have seen the rise of high-shine accessories—particularly shoes and bags—so it’s refreshing to see metallic garments holding their own this fall. To avoid such a bold look teetering dangerously toward the realms of space-age costume, keep the silhouette simple and uncluttered and let the fabric shine through. Although there are some soft golden tones in the metallic palette, without doubt, silver streaks ahead this season. The technology behind today’s metalized materials means the silhouette can be anything from slinky and sexy to structured and sophisticated. A light-as-a-cloud silver topper or duster atop your LBD lifts it into something out of this world in a good way. Or, transform a pair of jeans from casual to cosmic with a finely pleated, glimmering pale golden top. There are just so many different ways to test your metal!

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