Home of the Month: Inside the House of a Major Homebuilder

This Coquina Sands home delivers convenience and style with a clean, classic look.


It’s safe to say that BJ Barone and his wife, Lucia, could live in any home they want. After all, with BJ being the founder and co-owner of 41 West, one of this area’s premier homebuilders, he’s built every type imaginable.

But when it came time for the couple to build their “forever” home, they decided on this charming four-bedroom (two masters), three-bathroom, 3,200-square-foot (under air) beach/coastal contemporary located in Coquina Sands.

Designed by architect Jon Kukk of Kukk Architecture & Design, the home has a classic look that leaves many passersby thinking it was a renovation rather than new construction. But every inch of this home was well-thought-out, and once you experience the details, it becomes clear this home was built by someone who builds homes for a living.

“This home was designed so that we could enjoy the rest of our time in Naples,” Barone says. “My mom was 94 at the time, and we wanted the house to be comfortable for her to maneuver around in a wheelchair without looking that way, so we created very wide hallways and doorways that would compensate.”

The couple also wanted a low-maintenance house. They went with a wood-look porcelain laid with a mud set, so there are no grout lines. It looks so good that maintenance people regularly take their shoes off thinking it’s the real thing. Over the garage, they put a full conditioned attic with an elevator/large dumbwaiter that makes it easy to move large packages up to the space. Genius, right? In addition, the attic was outfitted with doublewide pull-down stairs.

And thanks to the fact that Barone has his own cabinet shop as part of his company, it should come as no surprise that the kitchen is a thing of beauty. Both islands, as well as half of the cabinets, are stunning rift oak (it also reappears in the living room’s media wall).

“Our kitchens are designed for cooks,” Barone says. “I’ve always been willing to spend lots of money on kitchens because my wife loves to cook and I love to eat. So I get the benefits. … We have a pasta cooker and all the other gadgets—from under-the-counter refrigerators, under-counter double dishwashers, huge open sinks and a very sophisticated ventilation system.”

The kitchen also includes a coffee bar, flat-screen television and double-edged quartz surfaces, but it’s the pasta maker that gets all the attention in this family. The pricey gadget is a sink, cooker and strainer all in one, making the act of cooking pasta as seamless and simple as possible. (It also works great for steaming rice and vegetables.)

Ceiling heights in the main living area are 12 feet, but they look much taller thanks to the fact that windows looking out to the pool go all the way to the ceiling.

“It’s the same thing outside,” Barone says. “By putting the shutters all the way up to the soffit, it gives the impression that there are windows underneath all of the shutters, but the tops of those windows are only at 8 feet.

“Our whole theme here is less is more—clean lines, simple trim, no crown,” Barone says. “We just wanted to keep it simple and clean.”

When BJ Barone of 41 West and his wife, Lucia, decided to build their “forever home,” they knew they wanted to make the space as manageable as possible. To that end, they went with wood-look porcelain tiles in a mud set (so there’s no grout) throughout much of the living space


For the entry, they chose a wood-look resin front door from Masonite that has the beauty of natural cedar but with none of the maintenance issues.


The home’s entry, interior doorways and hallways were designed wider to accommodate guests in wheelchairs. Though you wouldn’t think of it, that extra space allows for a level of comfort and ease of use that is much appreciated, regardless of your physical prowess.


Interior designer Laura Hay of Toronto helped create a serene spot for the builder and his wife.


With two islands, under-counter refrigeration, multiple sinks, an integrated pasta maker, a coffee bar and a flat-screen television, the kitchen is a serious workplace and a thing of beauty.


Meanwhile, the outdoor living space adds a kitchen of its own to go along with a pool (with beach shelf) and a stretch of ant-free synthetic grass that allows the grandkids the perfect spot to catch some rays.


Builder: 41 West

Architect: Jon Kukk, Kukk Architecture & Design

Interior designer: Laura Hay Décor & Design

Photography by Kenny Siebenhar and Nick Shirghio