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Guys, Quit Wearing Shoes Without Socks

It’s cool, but stinky.

BY November 9, 2017


For whatever reason, the sock-less trend has started to catch on. Male celebrities have been seen gallivanting about in tailored suits, nice shoes and bare ankles. No sock in sight.

Sure, it may look cool, but podiatrists have a warning: Shoes without socks can lead to fungal infections, including athlete’s foot. Socks are not only comfy but also stop your feet from sweating too much into your shoe. Without the socks, your sweaty feet are just pouring moisture into your fancy footwear. The situation is ripe for fungal problems (not to mention smelly feet). There’s also a chance of developing bunions or ingrown toenails due to the foot-on-shoe friction.

So, let’s just leave this trend to Orlando Bloom.


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