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How to Approach Holiday Meals

Don’t eat less to save up for big splurges.

BY November 21, 2017


Eating well around the holidays is quite the challenge. It’s just so hard to resist that second (or third) slice of pumpkin pie. But one thing to avoid before Thanksgiving: crash dieting.

Chances are it will backfire, according to The Daily Eater. Eating less the days or weeks before to “save up” for the big meals isn’t doing your body any favors. When the turkey with stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy come around, you’re going to take more than what you normally would. Look at it this way: You’re losing a battle on two fronts. Your body is craving calories and your brain is tired of fighting temptation. If you’ve lost weight before Thanksgiving, odds are you’re going to gain it back—and potentially then some. And yo-yo dieting is not the way to go.

Hope is not lost. You don’t have to fear the holiday weight gain. Just be aware of what you’re eating and how much.


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