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Five Reasons to Try ‘Dry January’

And one reason not to

BY January 4, 2018


Think you can avoid drinking for one month? It’s a challenge more and more people are taking part in. It’s called “dry January.” No booze for all of this month. Why should you give it a go?

1. It’s a good way to recover from the holidays. All those pounds you put on can start to slide off if you cut alcohol out of your diet. Don’t think of it as one beer but one serving of 150 calories.

2. You’ll sleep better. Alcohol is known to disrupt REM sleep, disturbing your long winter nights.

3. Your skin may benefit. Alcohol can lead to dehydration. The winter months tend to be dryer, too. Not a good combo.

4. You’ll save a few bucks. Going out in Southwest Florida isn’t cheap, after all.

5. You may feel better about yourself. The majority of respondents of this 2015 English study said they felt a sense of achievement after successfully completing dry January. 

Why should you not give it a go?



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