Against The Current

Make waves with a fleet of furnishings that present a new take on the aquatic life.

BY September 10, 2021
(Courtesy Branca)

Shell Lounge Chair, BrancA

The best and brightest interior designers won’t even blink upon hearing a client’s request for mollusk-themed seating. Made of birch plywood, the chair comes with four pillows that can be adjusted for comfort.

(Courtesy Gildas Berthelot)

La Nonchalante, Gildas Berthelot

Canadian cabinet builder and visual artist Gildas Berthelot turns organic shapes into works of functional art. His bleached maple La Nonchalante lounge (75 inches by 34 inches by 41 inches) could just as easily recall sun-weathered driftwood found in the Ten Thousand Islands as a crawling cephalopod. Either way, we’re hooked.


(Courtesy Larose Guyon)

Valse Au Crepuscule, Larose Guyon

Lighting can and should be an experience. The mix of gold chains and brass leaves in this made-to-order suspension lamp (108 inches by 54 inches by 48 inches) takes you to another realm. With handblown glass and its netted layout, the piece makes you feel like you’re lounging beneath a web of bioluminescent forms. Honoring nature, proceeds from every fixture sold help plant 1,000 trees through One Tree Planted.


(Courtesy Imperfettolab)

Nido Chair, Imperfettolab

It’s rare that an armchair makes you ponder the fabric of time and space, but the visual and literal depth of this unique piece is an absolute wonder. Featuring varnished fiberglass atop a metal base, the NIDO Chair begs all to climb aboard and start an imaginary conversation with Carl Sagan. Available in green, copper and gold.

(Courtesy Boca do Lobo)

Newton Golden & Myrtle Limited Edition Table, BocA do Lobo

A dining table laden with golden bubbles may seem like an enormous flight of fancy, but when you consider that life is short and dinner parties can be long, you might as well set the expectations for a fun affair with this whimsical furnishing, reminiscent of the bubbling incoming tide. The base is made of fused gold-plated brass spheres covered in a high-gloss varnish, while the top is no less dazzling thanks to cut circles of myrtle burl veneer.

(Courtesy of Made in Ratio)

Cowrie Rocker, Made in Ratio

Inspired by the concave lines of the cowrie shell, this one-piece monocoque fold is a visual tour de force that appeals not only to design hounds but also to the child in all of us who wants to rock in repose. Created by designer Brodie Neill, the rocker is available in natural ash, ebony ash and walnut.

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