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The Shape of Things

Take a room from so-so to so cool with these transformative pieces.

BY October 1, 2021

Shape Shifter

It’s virtually impossible to resist a two-for-one deal, and that’s certainly true of the Ricciolo chaise lounge/armchair. Never mind the fact that it has no arms, so technically, it really shouldn’t even be considered an armchair. No, the double magic is that this modern lounge can curl up its lowest section thanks to a patented folding mechanism that turns the piece into a viable chair. 

From $3,100; tonincasausa.com

Sinking In

What’s better than lounging in a bubble bath? Sinking into Four Hands’ Lyla Chair, where you get the same relaxation level minus the splash-zone. Solid wood legs provide support, while the 22-inch depth envelops you as you nestle in with a page turner for hours.

$1,525; ids1.com

Table Manners

Inspired by the Japanese art form, Donghia’s Origami Occasional Table is created in much the same way as its paper counterpart, though using a metal foil. Its mirrored interior reflects off the geometric brass sides creating the illusion of endless creases and folds.

Price upon request, through your design professional; kravet.com

Guiding Light

Some fixtures are only appreciated for their ability to bring us out of the darkness, but the Ambered Silverleaf Sconce (16 inches by 11 inches by 49 inches) is a glorious reimagination of nature. It juxtaposes the look of gilded wood with a fabric half shade, which casts a magical glow upon any wall. Is it a root? Is it a branch? The argument will go on well past when the lights go down.

$598; peachtreedesigns.com

Puffed-Up Console

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wish they made furniture that looked like a puffy jacket,” you’re in luck. The Mais Buffet (82.5 inches by 17.7 inches by 27.5 inches) features walnut sides and doors sculpted into dimensional cushions, creating a look that says “slopes of Aspen,” while maintaining order for your serving dishes and flatware in Florida.

$3,485; scandesign.com


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