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Hit Central Fitness in Naples for a Heart-Healthy Workout

At his new gym in the Naples Design Destrict, personal trainer Kyler Achenbach prioritizes cardio-centric workouts, incorporating TRX and machines.

BY December 1, 2022
Kyler Achenbach Central Fitness
(Photos Courtesy Central Fitness)

The hardest part about working out is getting yourself to the gym. But meeting charismatic personal trainer Kyler Achenbach is like taking a shot of espresso. The 31-year-old opened Central Fitness in the Naples Design District last fall, five years after his dad suddenly passed away from heart disease at age 59. The preventable nature of his father’s death shaped Kyler’s approach to fitness. Rather than focusing on workout fads, he develops personalized programs that emphasize cardiovascular engagement and long-term fitness through strength training and cardio.

On a recent visit, staff rove around hitting equipment with antibacterial wipes after each use. (Having opened during the pandemic, Central Fitness is dedicated to cleanliness, and the 1,000-square-foot space is equipped with two high-efficiency filtration and UV-C germicidal lamps.) After completing a health and aspirations sheet to clarify my fitness goals, Kyler sets my regiment, incorporating TRX (total body resistance exercise) straps to build strength and balance; compound exercises on a Smith machine to target large muscle groups; and isolated movements, like lat pull-downs, to target specific muscles. The hour-long sessions end with at least 15 minutes of cardio. Kyler says the combination of strength training and cardio helps with overall heart health.

Toward the end of the session, I find an easy rhythm on one of the gym’s industry-leading Precor machines. The cables draw back so smoothly that it’s easy to lose count of reps.

Kyler reassures me he was keeping track and encourages me to continue as he distracts me with easy conversation during the most challenging parts. “I like to get to know my clients,” he says. “It’s the only way you can truly give them the results they want.” 

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