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Dwayne Bergmann on the best contemporary design objects for the stylish home

The designer curates a selection of glamorous furnishings.

BY January 1, 2023
Mark Mitchell’s fluffy armchair for COLLECTIONAL
Mark Mitchell’s fluffy armchair for COLLECTIONAL (Photo Courtesy COLLECTIONAL)

Breeze Sofa

Mark Mitchell’s fluffy armchair for COLLECTIONAL is suspended on one side and appears to float above its carpet-like base. “I love pieces that are an artistic interpretation of everyday household items because people forget that art doesn’t only have to exist on the walls,” Dwayne says. The fact that it’ll look like you have a cumulus cloud as part of your living room set is just a bonus. “Clouds have this innate peacefulness hanging almost motionless above our heads completely unaware of the chaos below,” Mark adds. “It’s a quality we admire and aspire for in our own lives, to let the turmoil of life pass under us while we just float above.”



(Photo Courtesy Galeria Philia)

After Ago Chair 

Timeless and sculptural, the After Ago Chair, by designer Richard Yasmine, has a hypnotic appeal. Made of concrete plaster, foam and acrylic, the furnishing draws from postmodern and Brutalist design. “The graceful black-and-white Art Deco lines mixed with the contrast of geometrical shapes make this chair a sophisticated yet playful accent piece,” Dwayne says. It’s black. It’s white. It’s curved. It’s flat. It just may be all things and as simple as a place to sit.




coffee table
(Photo Courtesy Randolph & Hein)

Lahar Coffee Table 

“The Lahar coffee table is a stacked work of art,” Dwayne says. The multiple surfaces of undulating craftsmanship create a cohesive flow that doesn’t compete with other design elements in a room. Tables can be purchased individually or in sets and come in either 48 inches in width and depth or 60 inches. Custom finishes and sizes are also available.



(Photo Courtesy Kreoo)

Kreoo Hug Washbasin

When space is an issue, but style is not optional, this 4-foot-tall freestanding sink, designed by Matteo Nunziati for Kreoo, is a powerful statement to the natural world. “It’s carved out of a marble block, and the wood shelving is added for accessories and storage,” Dwayne says. Pair two of them in a bathroom for his-and-hers functionality. Available in eight marbles and with walnut or eucalyptus wood inserts.


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