Chef Brooke Kravetz
Dining + Wining

Meet the Mind behind East Naples’ New Supper Club

Brooke Kravetz cooks up some of the city's most inventive dishes at Old Vines Supper Club—and now, she's coming for Mercato with...
Farmers Market Restaurant Fort Myers
Dining + Wining / Like A Local

Fort Myers’ Farmers Market Restaurant Serves 50 Years of Southern Soul

Each generation harbors a favorite here, from country-fried steak to cornbread and grits.
Illustration of St. George and The Dragon
Dining + Wining / The Past

Though Long Gone, St. George and the Dragon Remains an Icon in Naples’ Dining Scene

There may never be another restaurant like it—one of mythic proportions from a legendary era of Naples—but its spirit lives on.
Third Street South Farmers Market
Dining + Wining / The Present

The Third Street Farmer’s Market is the Place to be in Naples Every Saturday

After nearly 30 years, the Tony Ridgway-founded market remains at the heart of Naples.
Stone Crabs
Dining + Wining / The Future

How Stone Crabs Built—and Sustain—Everglades City

Everglades City Mayor and stone crabber Howie Grimm, and his son Quinton, reflect on their family ties and the region's resiliency.