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Fun Events in November for Kids in Southwest Florida

Gather up the whole family for a panther festival, DIY workshop, car show and more kid-friendly fun this month.
Type 1 diabetes warrior Leah Shwedel cuddling with teddy bear

Naples’ Youngest Type 1 Warrior

For Leah Shwedel, an 8-year-old living with Type 1 diabetes, daily life offers the chance to educate others about her disease while...
Sutton Shanahan established Kidz 4 a Cause
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Kids Give Back

Studio de Cirque
MINI / Wellness

Aerial Fitness Class for Kids

A new performing arts studio in Naples makes exercise fun for kids.
Miss Lexi's Place
MINI / Family Time / Pampering

Miss Lexi’s Place: A Salon and Spa for Kids

From haircuts to facials, Miss Lexi’s Place in Naples caters to the wee set.
Sutton Shanahan
MINI / Mindful Parenting / Giving Back

Meet 10-year-old founder of Kidz 4 a Cause nonprofit

Ten-year-old Sutton Shanahan rallies other kids to prove you’re never too young to make a big difference.
Over the top beach party
MINI / Feature

A Birthday to Remember

Celebrate your kiddos in Southwest Florida style with over-the-top decor, treats and a dash of magic.
Main Cover Champ Jaxon
MINI / Feature

Best In Class

Practice, drive and unparalleled aptitude push four superstar kids to the top of their games.
Girl and new born baby lying on sofa with dogs
MINI / Mindful Parenting / Family Values

Raising Kind Kids

Kindness is a teachable virtue that can create a better world, and it all starts at home.
The Ritz-Carlton, Naples’ pastry chef baking with his daughters
MINI / Dad's Corner

Sugar & Spice

Meet Lerome Campbell, pastry chef and dad extraordinaire, who’s dedicated to sharing the sweet life with his daughters.
Body butter cream
MINI / Mindful Parenting

Alikay Baby: An Eco-Friendly and Child-Centric Product Line

In Fort Myers, an eco-friendly line of products, inspired by the bonds of family, takes special care of your little one’s hair...
Henro Company
MINI / Mindful Parenting / At Home

Made With Love

HENRO owner Kristin Purcell and her family consider how we can leave the world a little better than we found it.
MINI / Essentials

Mommy Must-Haves

MINI contributing editor Jennifer McCurry shares ideas for little somethings every mom will love.