Feel Good

Feel Good Report: How a Little Relaxation Can Save You Money

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BY October 15, 2015


Want to feel better? Take a break.

We all know stress can lead to some serious problems. In fact, Time points out that close to 70 percent of doctors' office visits are tied to stress.

A new study in PLOS ONE found out just how damaging stress can be—to the wallet, that is. The researchers looked at data from a Massachusetts General Hospital relaxation and rehabilitation program. In it, patients met for three hours once a week for eight weeks to practice yoga or other relaxation techniques and learn about the importance of social connections and positive thinking in relation to stress reduction. Turns out, the participants ended up using 43 percent fewer medical services than they needed before taking the class. Researchers estimated it saved each participant anywhere from $640 to $25,500.

It’s another example of the importance of preventative health care, researchers say. Now, just tell your boss that when you start asking for more vacation time.


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