Feel Good

Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise

BY January 5, 2016


January tends to be the time when gyms start to get really busy. Holiday pounds need to be shed, New Year’s resolutions need to be kept and, around here, you just have to look good for gala season.

But as the year wears on, those gyms start to get a little less crowded. Did everyone meet those New Year’s goals a bit early? Probably not.

Staying motivated to work out can be a challenge. The Mayo Clinic recently issued several recommendations to make your routine stick:

  • Find the time: If you’ve got a tight schedule, maybe break up your routine for multiple parts of the day.
  • Get excited: Find exercises that you enjoy doing.
  • Pick the right crowd: Maybe a big gym isn’t the best place if you’re self-conscious about how you look.
  • Don’t get lazy: Set realistic expectations and stick to them.

Read more of the clinics ideas here.


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