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How to Avoid Running Injuries

Next time you’re out for a jog, think about running on eggshells.

BY February 11, 2016


If you’re a runner, you’re bound to get injured at some point, right? Maybe not. And the key might be how hard your foot hits the ground.

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine took a look at a group of about 250 runners over two years. All of the runners ran by landing on their heels of their feet, a method that many have theorized leads to injuries. What the researchers discovered over the two-year period was a small group of runners who didn’t get hurt at all—and had never been seriously injured before. Studying the group, the researchers discovered that their feet hit the ground with much less force than the other runners, some of whom suffered serious injuries during the two-year span.

It can be tricky to train yourself to “run lighter.” The New York Times has a few suggestions. Figure out how many steps you’re taking per minute, then try increasing it. Or, mentally try to trick yourself by thinking “soft landing,” like you’re running on eggshells. Might seem a little silly, but if it can avoid an injury, it’ll definitely be worth it. 


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