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Majority of American Diet Comes from Ultra-Processed Foods

Time to lay off the pizza and frozen meals for dinner.

BY March 24, 2016


 T here are processed foods. Then there are “ultra-processed” foods. And you thought foods could only be processed so much.

A study published in BMJ Open separates the processed (cheese, sausage) from the ultra-processed (cake, pizza, frozen meals, cereals). The key difference in is the level of added flavors, colors, oils and other ingredients not typically found in nature (not to mention a high level of salt and fat). Calories from ultra-processed foods ended up making up about 58 percent of our diet. This means we’re eating way more salt, sugar and other unhealthy stuff than what we should.

You probably know this already. And you may freely admit you eat too much processed food. It can be hard to break that cycle. But as experts suggest, the healthy way to go is to make more fresh meals at home. Here are a few suggestions to eat quick and easy (and healthy) at home.


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