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Shopportunities: The Versatile Scarf

BY March 23, 2017

I have inherited some beautiful scarves from my grandmother and would like to wear them without looking matronly. Any suggestions?   —Monica P., Fort Myers

Your newly acquired scarf collection will come in very handy this season, as there’s a resurgence in scarf-wearing, and not only as an accessory worn around the neck. Here are some updated ways of wearing your silky treasures:

  • A small square scarf can be wrapped and tied around your wrist. It has a casual vibe yet looks particularly chic worn with a crisp shirt and tailored pants or skirt.
  • Fold a square scarf diagonally, then roll the resulting triangle shape from the wide base to the point, so you end up with a folded “strip.” Thread the scarf strip through a couple of belt loops (the ones above a front pocket) at the side waist of your jeans and tie the long ends in a simple knot.
  • A colorful scarf tied to or wrapped around the handle of your purse looks good with any outfit and brightens up any bag.


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