Life/Style: Rococo Rocks

Mix the late Baroque look with contemporary embellishments and you’ll be right on-trend with your wardrobe and accessories.

BY April 13, 2017

Marie Antoinette surely would have been a repeat customer for spring 2017. With fashion and accessories in an opulent feast of Rococo-inspired prints, lavish embellishment and the most decadent fabrics, this season has brought the late Baroque period back to front and center. Florals influence the trends, leading you down an enchanting path as if you’re at the Petit Trianon with the young Queen of Versailles herself. Look also for gilded pieces, flounce details, luxe fabrics and 3-D trimmings that manage to make an obvious nod to the past while pushing the wearer into the contemporary. Rock them best by mixing over-the-top pieces with solid basics. But whether you prefer your look more traditionally ornate or with a bit of edge, just remember: This season, more is always more. 


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