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Dear Cheryl: Prints Reign (with a Touch of Art)

BY January 30, 2018


Every spring, florals seem to dominate. My style isn’t “flowery,” but I do like prints—is there anything new this season?  — Barbara M., Marco Island

There’s something truly joyful about fashion this spring. Yes, there are some trends we can probably do without, but for the most part, designers have produced collections that we’re going to love. Prints are a big part of this “feel-good” mood; in particular, graphic designs and prints influenced by the art world are topping the charts. There’s everything from simple, fitted T-shirts bearing images of Ancient Greek and Roman sculptures to coats covered in Andy Warhol-style face prints. The same goes for accessories—bags and shoes are sporting matching designs to their garment twins—a good choice if you want to ease into the trend. Although you won’t quite be able to get away from flowery prints altogether, you may be surprised by this season’s floral offerings: The key words being “striking,” “bold” and “retro-inspired.” In the month dedicated to St. Valentine, what’s not to love about the new season’s looks?



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