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Pens with Pizzazz

BY June 5, 2012

Surrounded as we are by so many wonderful gadgets and such electronic wizardry, we are all typing, texting and tapping out the written word, so it might appear that any writing instrument producing ink will do to sign the odd document that comes our way. My view is that’s exactly why it’s worth having something special with which to sign on the dotted line!

One gentleman I know has an ever-expanding collection of pens, but he doesn’t just keep them in a glass case to look at; he selects and uses a different one every day. In meetings, his pens become talking points, and in front of a new client they are a very effective ice-breaker.

There is something extremely satisfying in holding a beautiful pen. The weight of it in your hand, the texture and feel of the casing, the smoothness of how the ink flows—all these elements are important in choosing the pen for your personality. (Interestingly, on a recent visit to a pen shop, I was asked not if I would like to see any of the pens, but whether I would like to feel them.)

There are a variety of pen types—ballpoints, fiber tips, roller balls, gel inks, fountain pens—all with their particular benefits and characteristics, depending on your writing preferences. The choice is yours, but with your perfect pen, your signature becomes more than just your name on a piece of paper.

Saffron Leman rollerball by Caran d’Ache; Alphabet and Blobnik pens by Acme; Amethyst Boheme pen by Mont Blanc: all from Arabesque, 350 Fifth Ave. S., Naples.

Fashion expert Cheryl Lampard is the founder of Style Matters International, www.stylemattersinternational.com

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