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Twinset and Pearls

BY September 18, 2012

In our Southwest Florida paradise, we could be forgiven for hardly noticing the change in temperature as we transition from summer to fall. But what we do notice is the absence of humidity: those glorious days of warmth and sunshine when our makeup doesn’t melt and our hair keeps its style! With those fresher days come crisper mornings and cooler evenings, and although an extra layer maybe all that’s needed, just slinging any old sweater around the shoulders won’t do anything for you in the style stakes. Luckily, the new season’s trends provide the perfect opportunity for knitwear to come into its own with a decidedly feminine feel.

Look for that delightful phrase “fully fashioned” (meaning the component parts of the garment are produced as separate pieces and then sewn together, rather than a length of knitted fabric that is simply cut into shape and then seamed) to give an elegantly fitted look—there’s nothing baggy or oversized about these ladylike knits.

Choose lightweight knits in yarns such as silk, cashmere and fine merino for a luxury touch; pointelle or lace patterns increase the feminine factor. If you prefer a simpler look, choose an unpatterned, sleek knit with a decorated collar or embellished neckline, or add your own detailing with a great brooch, pin or statement necklace. A shell top and coordinating cardigan are all that’s needed to add refinement to a skirt, pants or jeans.

It’s twinset and pearls, but not as we know it.

Blue embellished cardigan, green “Sidekick” sweater & cardigan, both from Kate Spade.

Fashion expert Cheryl Lampard is the founder of Style Matters International, www.stylemattersinternational.com

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