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Local ESPN Radio Station Running March Madness-Inspired 'TV Beauties Bracket'

BY March 24, 2015

It’s come to our attention that local ESPN radio station 99.3 FM is offering a new spin on March Madness: the “TV Beauties Bracket,” in which listeners can rate local female television anchors on their appearances.

Yes, listeners get to judge everyone from WINK’s Jennifer Stacy to NBC2’s Haley Webb. If they’re not familiar with local talent, the station kindly provides links to the anchors’ bios and headshots. The station expects its audience, of course, to pay attention only to the photos—never mind the awards, reporting quality or career highlights of these journalists.

ESPN, we know you’ll dismiss this attention-grabbing, hits-generating stunt as merely your bit of March Madness fun. And we suppose we ought to thank you for choosing to call the women “beauties” rather than “babes.” How very flattering.


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