Exclusive: ‘Colors of Naples’ Photo Essay

Photographer Stefania Pifferi gives us a peek inside her new book.

BY April 3, 2018
A man paddleboards on a clear summer day at Clam Pass where it meets the Gulf of Mexico.
A man paddleboards on a clear summer day at Clam Pass where it meets the Gulf of Mexico.(Photo by Stefania Pifferi)


Stormy Waters

After Tropical Storm Fay’s early-morning landfall in August 2008, Pifferi captures Mother Nature’s effect on the Naples Pier around 2 p.m.—after figuring out how to manually open her garage during the storm-caused power outage. (Photo by Stefania Pifferi)


Keith Ellis
Keith Ellis, the son of Kelly, owner of Kelly’s Fish House, proudly shows off his native Naples heritage upon returning to the restaurant after several days of deep-sea fishing.(Photo by Stefania Pifferi)


Cape Romano Dome Homes
The famously deserted “dome homes” of Cape Romano, south of Marco Island, are illuminated in the late August sunset. Aboard a low-flying Cessna, Pifferi crossed the site more than a dozen times to catch this specific angle of sun rays and shadows. (Photo by Stefania Pifferi)


Rainbow over ten thousand islands

To get this sunset aerial of the Ten Thousand Islands right after a summer rain, Pifferi battled the wind while holding her camera out the window of another Cessna airplane. Ultimately, the wind claimed a piece of her camera lens. (Photo by Stefania Pifferi)


Canopy of trees over Naples street
Here Pifferi photographs a summer day on one of her favorite Naples streets, First Avenue North. “Every time I drive through,” she says, “I feel like I’m in a fairytale or on a movie set.” (Photo by Stefania Pifferi)


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