Vision 2021

Local luminaries reflect on what’s next for Southwest Florida.

BY February 1, 2021
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Jay Hartington on the Future of Fashion

The CEO of Marissa Collections sees sustainable fashion, more e-commerce and unique shopping experiences on the horizon.

Part of the family business for more than 10 years, Jay Hartington has evolved Marissa Collections as a powerhouse boutique by innovating online while elevating the in-person shopping experience. “Fashion is servicing a lifestyle,” he says.

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Rose O’Dell King on the Future of Food

The visionary behind Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm in Fort Myers sees a clear path for the farm-to-table experience.

Sitting on just over 100 acres in North Fort Myers, Rose O’Dell King’s restaurant leads the pack on responsible farming and fine dining. “We were alone here when we started,” she says. “Now we’re developing a community of farmers. Everything that is happening is so good for the community.” 

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Stofft Cooney on the Future of Architecture

The architects say winds of change are blowing for local building design and the only constant is, there is no constant.

John Cooney and Randall Stofft’s names can be found on many local, high-end build sites. In their 30 years in the area, the dynamic duo have seen local tastes shift from Mediterranean to contemporary styles that ignore the Joneses and embrace individuality.

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Chad Jensen on the Future of Design

The founder of METHOD & CONCEPT sees a rise in contemporary art and design in Naples. 

Recognizing the potential within the large segment of budding collectors who could support a serious design scene in Naples, Chad Jensen has been on a mission to help advance the local creative culture. 

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Meredith Budd on the future of Conservation

With increased community collaboration, Florida Wildlife Federation policy director predicts a promising balance of preservation and growth.

Working with the Florida Wildlife Federation, Budd sees heightened environmental awareness among policymakers. Meanwhile, conservationists like her are taking an increasingly pragmatic approach, helping balance development and environmentalism and using science to drive the conversation.

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Photography by Brian Tietz

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